Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home, Jeeves

Luckily, I packed everything last night, so that when I got up today, I didn't have to rush around packing and miss just being with my friends. While I was packing, I found a 1937 Buffalo nickel - kind of exciting, even though I have no idea if it is worth anything or not. I just think it is cool to have something that has been around that long.

Went to lunch with my hosts and a couple of other friends. We laughed and laughed again today. We went to Ruen Thai in Roseville (I think). The poor woman there was SLAMMED for the Sunday lunch of Memorial Day weekend. She was gracious and we tried to be as flexible as we could. The food was great (VERY SPICY) and I tasted some of the best Thai fried rice I have ever had. It was a lovely way to end the trip.

Then, off to the airport. I got there with plenty of time - it was the perfect plan to travel just off the holiday - both on the way and back, the airports were really pretty quiet and I didn't feel like I had to run around or stand in endless lines. Sat and read, watched some TV. Slept on the plane.

Home. Ahh. Familiar food and drink. My bed. Good. (I've had a rumbly in my tumbly with all the water and food that I don't normally eat. I hate being "sensitive".) All in all, a great trip. :)

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