Friday, May 7, 2010

Sage Advisor

Today was the "Signing Professions Career Fair". I really enjoyed being there and seeing the students who are just on the verge of graduating and going out into the world. They are so eager and fresh.

In a revisit of a theme I brought up a couple of posts ago, I realized while I was there that I was kind of one of the "old sages". I heard at least 50 times, "Everybody knows Jean." Then, the dean of my department came to me and let me know that he had an invitation to an event for me - the college is giving service awards and this year is my 15th year of service there. Isn't that wild? It is hard to imagine teaching for 15 years, but it is true.

The other great thing that happened today was that I received an incredible compliment. A person who was in a situation where I interpreted told me that my work was "a class above" the other interpreters they had worked with in the past in a specific situation. I was really honored and gratified to hear it. Since I don't interpret all day and only take select jobs, I have worried about the quality of the work I am doing. The person doesn't know sign language but has had lots of experience working with interpreters, so I felt there was some validity to their opinion. I'm not saying I am the best interpreter ever, but I was pleased to know that the work I did was satisfactory and that the person felt they were getting the information and intention in a way that they haven't before. (I don't know if that makes sense...)

Excitement for this weekend - I am going to try to make that Greek Lemon/Egg soup. Avgolemono Lemon Egg Soup. Yay! I love it. If you have never tried it, go to Alexis! They make some good soup. I miss going there - it has been a long time.

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