Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to Creating

I'm hoping to take some time this weekend to work on a new Art Journal. It is interesting to see that each one has its own distinct personality. I guess that is natural based on the color, mood, style of collage. I haven't completed any of them yet - they are all works in progress, but I think I have an idea for this new one that will take things in a whole different direction. I'm excited to start.

Tomorrow's to do list: Go to Craft Warehouse and buy double sided craft tape (Tombo Mono?). I got halted in doing some of the collage because I ran out of adhesive - once you use the double sided tape, glue stick just doesn't do it...

I think this journal is going to be painted all pink...maybe some of the yellow. Or maybe I will see if there are any neon colored watercolors. That might be fun...

Anyway, that's the plan for now. And something for Mother's Day. I think I may take my mom to see the movie "Earth" that is out. (Or did I imagine that?)

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