Monday, May 10, 2010

A Tempest

The world feels a little like a tempest right now...I have this mental image of everything swirling and careening around me, furniture lifting off the floor, water flowing up and down, tornados swirling, volcanos spewing, thick gooey oil pouring out of a hole in the ocean. The more the spewing and swirling, the more I still I am tempted to become. Breathing in and out.

The unrest in my professional world is a strong, black cloud. It makes me miss the "good old days" when I was "just" an interpreter. The political unrest and all the ecological problems and ideological disagreements make it hard to just BE.

Nothing happened in particular today - the air is heavy with anticipation and speculation. It is like walking a mine field. Step carefully, answer carefully, if you put your foot down too hard or in the wrong place, stand there - very still - until you can figure out how to ease away and hope you don't set off some inadvertant explosion while you are trying to get away.

And I have jury duty tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. "Your Honor...I slept with the defendant..."

    Hey... anything to get out of jury duty!!




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