Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yawp! and Gleek!

A couple of weeks ago, I drove through the Vista Ridge tunnel on the freeway and saw the giant "I Love Vera" written out on the tiles of the tunnel. A couple of days later, it was smudged out - the tunnel hadn't been cleaned, someone had just wiped out the lettering. I don't know why, but I thought it was sad. Then sometime last week, right below the place where the lettering had been wiped out, "Love Vera" was written out again. Yesterday, it was erased.

As I was driving through the tunnel today, I remembered that about three years ago, someone had written "YAWP!!!" in the eastbound tunnel and it stayed there for more than a month. Every day, as I drove through the tunnel on the way to work, I would think, "YAWP!!!" as in "I sound my barbaric yawp" from "The Dead Poet's Society" (well, really, Walt Whitman, but you know what I mean...)

I present you with "Yawp":

Also, I decided that I am a Gleek. Yes, in addition to my Buffy affinity, I am a devoted "Glee" fan. Tonight, as I was listening to "Total Eclipse of the Heart", I felt that same fluttering excitement that I feel when I am going to the theatre. There is something so brave to me about singing, I think. Music elicits such an emotional response anyway, then when you add these universal (if exaggerated) themes of fitting in, longing, finding yourself, finding your niche, the price of popularity, etc., it just couldn't really get any better. (I'm sure it could, but I can't think how right now...) So, from now on if you hear a squealing scream on Tuesdsay evenings that sounds like, "GLEEEEEEEK!!!", you will know it is me.

For the record, favorite "Glee" song is still the first one they did - "Don't Stop Believing".

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