Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Mission Accomplished

We had a great day yesterday and I even took pictures. I'm sure some of them are crappy, but I will post what I can when I get home. Lovely brunch at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, drove the scenic route to the Exploratorium.

Note that if you want to go to a hands-on museum for science in the middle of the day in May on a week day, you will encounter LARGE numbers of school children who are barely supervised.

After the Exploratorium, a drive through the Presidio and on the scenic route around San Franscisco. We ended up at a lovely place near the ocean for some beverages and a little nibble before heading off to Morrocan food. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but I have a photo. :) Took a couple of hours for dinner, then drove back through the city to head "home" to Sacramento. Got home around 10:30pm with enough time to wach some "GLEE"! Yay!

Today, lunch with a friend and more fun - maybe a movie. Who knows!

Ta ta for now.

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