Wednesday, December 1, 2010

37 Days til My Blogoversary!

At 8:37pm, I opened up my blog and saw that it is 37 days until my 3rd Blogoversary! If you know me at all or have visited here, you will know that has been a source of great inspiration to me, as has its author, Patti Digh.  (I have even met her - more than one time!! hee hee)

While I am not going to commandeer Patti's number permanently, the appearance of 37 today seemed a little like kismet. I have been wondering if I should do a giveaway or something to lead up to the Blogoversary.  This helped me make an easy decision.

The first 37 people to comment on the blog between now and my Blogoversary will be entered into a random drawing to receive a copy of Patti's book, "Four Word Self Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives".  (If there aren't 37 comments, I will still enter all those who have left comments.  I have a small readership, so I'm dreaming big here, people.)

**Okay. Not funny. I opened the blog and it said 37 days. I went to take a screen shot because I thought it was so cool and it said 36 days now...The badge must count down in another time zone or country or something. :(  So I pulled up calendars.  If you start counting on Dec. 1 and don't count the ACTUAL Blogoversary, it is 37 Days. If you count Dec. 1 as over and you DO count the Blogoversary, it is 37 days.

Too complicated. Trust me. It said 37 days when I pulled it up. I don't understand what happened, but I'm not imagining it.  There are 31 days in December (counting today) and 6 days in January that lead up to THE BIG DAY. That is 37 days. (Why does this matter, you ask? It probably doesn't. I am having sensitivity to integrity, apparently.)


  1. You have a little over a week to go, so I would like to be the first to say happy blogaversery!

  2. Thanks, Grammy! I love it when you pop by for a visit!

    Happy New year to you!



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