Friday, December 31, 2010

Gratitude for Good Friends

Last night, we interpreted the touring production of "HAIR". I'm sure I could say many things about interpreting a show like this.  It is so challenging to do shows that are so multi-layered, that have so many culturally iconic songs, that have so many popular culture references, that reference drugs and drug use in ways that I don't have ANY experience with and don't feel confident portraying in American Sign Language.

At the end of the show, the audience members are invited up onto the stage to dance and many of them take advantage of the opportunity. Ushers came to stand behind us - to protect us and to protect audience members from falling off the stage and stairs. One guy, in a particular hurry to get off the stage (why did you go up in the first place?), moved over to the side near the speaker, took a giant leap and landed squarely on my back before diving into the moving throngs of people with barely a backwards glance.  Aside from scare the CRAP out of me, having someone jump, full weight, on your back while you are holding your hands in the air interpreting for the last 2+ hours creates some issues. Back spasms are one issue right this moment while I am typing. SIGH.

So after all that, I opened up my facebook to find this email sent to me after the show:
"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that you are amazing. I watched you all night at Hair. You doing your thing was the highlight to my night. I could watch you all day. Seriously, at one point, you brought tears to my eyes with your amazing skills. Thank you for being so good."
I could just cry.

I sent the person a note thanking them for taking the time. It felt like the yang to the yin of getting physically attacked.

Mercury has been in retrograde and yesterday was supposedly the last day. Thank God.

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  1. Hi Jean, this is Grammy E, I want to wish you a wonderful new year. And let you know, I am letting my blog the empty nester go for now. I have started a new one @
    I would love to see you stay with me.
    I am so sorry to hear of the pain you received. I am sending you healing thoughts. I my self know of the joy you give to people with your talent. My youngest daughter friend L is deaf. I went to her moms funeral and it was the most moving and beautiful service I have ever seen. The interpreter. Was amazing. when she did the wings of a angle flying up to heaven. it was so graceful. I am sure every one in the place could see the meaning of every work spoken. It is wonderful what you do. I know basics. and some slang. But L is not around much since we moved. So I am rusty. And way be blessed my friend.



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